The Paintings of Austrian Artist Aloys Zötl

Aloys Zötl


Austrian Painter Aloys Zötl

A master dyer who lived and worked in the Danube Valley of Austria, Aloys Zötl was a major talent who painted idealised fauna set amid stylistic flora in his spare time. Zötl’s 12″ X 20″ watercolour paintings were not exhibited until long after his death in 1887, and that happy 1955 event at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris we owe to the ministrations of a descendant. Since his fantastic zoological representations were discovered by art-aficionados, Zötl’s works have been collected by Alix de Rothschild, B. Fringhiam, Jean Lenthal, Julio Cortázar, Louis Amic, Paule Cailac, and Pierre Balmain; Aloys Zötl was written about by Julio Cortázar and Giovanni Mariotti, whose treatise on the Austrian painter was published by Franco Maria Ricci in his eminent, glossy art periodical, FMR in 1984. Today, we can purchase large prints reproduced from some of Aloys Zötl’s charming works.


©M-J de Mesterton