Northwest Vineyards: Paintings by Patti Bezzo

My old friend Patti Bezzo works magic with acrylic paint on both birch-wood and canvas. Her series, “Northwest Vineyards” is remarkable in its power to evoke the beauty of grapes up-close on the vine, and the grandeur of those plants on a large-scale landscape. Patti Bezzo represents a renewal of the Northwest art tradition with her fantastic, mystical scenes of the region’s mountains, prairies, water-bodies and agriculture.


The Paintings and Drawings of Nicholas Herbert


“I’m a practising artist and designer based in St Albans, England. I’m interested in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture as well as graphic design, typography, web design and brand identity. My professional design site is at:

~~Fine Artist Nicholas Herbert, at His WordPress Blog: Drawings, Paintings and other Art

Photographer Patrick Latter’s Enchanting Vistas

CANADIAN HIKING PHOTOGRAPHY, by Patrick Latter,  a Very  Popular WordPress Site

I recognised beautiful Banff immediately (my husband and I spent part of our honeymoon at Banff Springs) in the evocative photos of Patrick’s latest post, Johnson Lake, even though I had never been to that particular spot.

Also, visit Mr Latter’s professional site, where you will find a wide range of photographic skills and subjects:

Patrick Latter Photography

New Mexico’s Great Landscape Painter, Arturo Chávez

Great New Mexican Painter Arturo ChavezArturo Chávez is New Mexico’s Foremost Landscape Painter. I took this photo of Mr. Chávez being interviewed by Linda Cobb on Santa Fe’s KCHF television, on my tiny digital t.v.–and because I think his paintings are best represented on Arturo Chávez’ own website, here is a link to it, where you will see many spectacular images and can read an interesting interview of the artist.