Today Is Wassily Kandinsky’s Birthday




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Munich-Schwabing with the Church of St. Ursula by Wassily Kandinsky, 1908. Source:
Olga’s Gallery


Ben and Sherman Contemporary Art

Ben and Sherman, Artists in Portugal, Lisbon Painters, Cntemporary Abstract Expressionists
Dateline, Lisbon: Ben and Sherman, Contemporary Artists Who Work in Tandem on Deep, Exquisite Automatic and Abstract Expressionist Paintings

Click Here to View the Fresh and Beautiful Art of Ben and Sherman


The Paintings and Drawings of Nicholas Herbert


“I’m a practising artist and designer based in St Albans, England. I’m interested in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture as well as graphic design, typography, web design and brand identity. My professional design site is at:

~~Fine Artist Nicholas Herbert, at His WordPress Blog: Drawings, Paintings and other Art


Eldin Smille: Portraits

Girl in Secondary School at Sarajevo, by Eldin Smille
Girl in Secondary School at Sarajevo, by Eldin Smille

Amazing Portraits by Artist, Writer, Film-Maker and Director, Eldin Smille

About Eldin Smille, Who Now Lives in Sweden

Eldin Smille Interviewed at Pilgrimography


Happy Easter Monday

Easter Monday, 1955-1956 by Willem de Kooning
I think it’s safe to say that we have all felt this way on Easter Monday!

Wishing Everyone  a Happy Week,



Clyfford Still Museum: Update

Cyfford Still, an Odd Duck with a Unique Perception of the Human Form

I have changed my mind about artist Clyfford Still. I like his older works, in which he developed a very unusual way of interpreting the human form, and am impressed by his evocative portrayals of workers in Alberta and Washington state. The huge abstracts that border on minimalism still leave me uninspired. To Be Continued….


Happy Easter Monday

Easter Monday, 1955-1956 by Willem de Kooning–A-Retrospective/16-Willem-de-Kooning-Easter-Monday-1955-56.htm&docid=Ua_GK1Pl0pgX-M&imgurl=,r:2,s:0,i:73


Clyfford Still Museum, Denver

Installation view of the inaugural exhibition. Natural light enters the galleries through a series of skylights over a cast-in-place perforated convex ceiling. (CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE IN ARTNEWS)

 A friend of mine visited the new Clyfford Still Museum in Denver today. She was very impressed by the light in the rooms, and the aforementioned perforated ceiling . Personally, I don’t care for that vapid style of painting, which gave birth to minimalism. Having  restored one of his paintings for a dealer at Art Santa Fe in 2007, I was appalled at the low-quality work, and dubious longevity of Still’s method with his medium. It was much too recent a painting to be crumbling as it was.

Piss-Poor Painting Panned by Potty Patron

On December 29th, a 36-year old woman was arrested for scratching, punching and  leaning on one of the paintings in Denver’s Clyfford Still Museum.  She had apparently attempted and failed to urinate on the “artwork” but lacked the proper equipment to do so.  The museum says that the canvas’ surface was not breached, but claims that the de minimus damage will cost $10.000.00 to repair. The entity seems to correlate that estimate with its own hyper-inflated, arbitrary appraisal of the painting’s value at  $30,000,000.00!

©M-J de Mesterton, 2012

UPDATE, January 9th: it appears that the offender rubbed her buttocks on the painting–euphemistically described in initial reports that I read as “leaned” on its surface. Here is a post of mine from another blog that I write:

The Cornish Game Hen


Exterminate Them, or Give Them a Refund!

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Pictured: Dale Owen and Melvin Strauss, Cornish School Administrators circa 1975;
Fran Murphy, Oil Painting Instructor and Anonymous “Student”
Cartoons by Cornish Instructor Charles Stokes
“Ass-Tracked Expressionism”
~~Ron Wigginton, Instructor at Cornish School of Allied Arts

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