Native American Painter Darren Vigil Gray

In this fascinating biographical interview of my friend, internationally-renowned Native American painter, Darren Vigil Gray, he leads us to the locations of his life and heritage in New Mexico, giving us a glimpse of his early sources of inspiration, and right into his painting studio. There, you will see some very bold, distinctive and beautiful paintings by a fellow with endless powers of imagination and prodigious creativity. The film also includes insightful comments by Darren’s stellar wife,  actress Jill Momaday; musician and composer Robbie Robertson (formerly of Dylan’s back-up group The Band), 1970s guitarist Steve Miller, and enthusiastic museum art curators. A short  video at the end of this magnificent little documentary features record producer and composer Daniel Lanois (I love his song, “The Maker”, cut by Willie Nelson with Emmylou Harris) playing pedal steel guitar with a parrot on his head while composing a song about Darren Vigil Gray.

©M-J de Mesterton, June 13th, 2016

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